Paul Lincke: Das ist die Berliner Luft - Overtures Vol 2. © 2023 Classic Produktion Osnabrück

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Consistently Vibrant

GERALD FENECH listens to orchestral music by German composer Paul Lincke

'... full of striking melodies, rapturous harmonic beauty and often exuberantly dance-like gestures ...'


Paul Lincke (1866-1946), a German composer and conductor, is considered the 'father' of the Berlin operetta. At first he was inclined to pursue a career as a military musician, but when he secured employment as a bassoonist at Berlin's Central Theatre everything changed. After one year he joined the orchestra of the Ostend Theatre. In entertainment and dance music Lincke gained valuable experience in three other theatres, where he accompanied the musical vaudeville programmes and provided his own compositions for popular singers. For two years Lincke worked at the most famous European vaudeville house, the Folies Bergère in Paris.

In 1899 he was back in Berlin where he presented Frau Luna with huge success. In 1908 Lincke became principal conductor and composer for the Metropol-Theatre, whose spectacular revues were the capital's biggest attraction. With the Nazi rise to power in 1933, Lincke maintained his position and was feted by the Nazi regime. On his seventy-fifth birthday he was made an honorary citizen of Berlin.

Listen — Lincke: Frau Luna Overture
(555 448-2 track 1, 0:00-0:59) ℗ 2023 Classic Produktion Osnabruck :

In 1943, Lincke toured Marienbad in Bohemia to conduct Frau Luna. During his absence his house and music publisher were bombed. After the war Lincke wanted to return to Berlin, but he would not get the approval from the Allies. It was only with the help of one American General Pierce that he was able to move to Arzberg, Bavaria. Lincke's ailing health was worsened by the climate there, and he eventually moved to Hahmenklee, where he died shortly before his eightieth birthday.

Listen — Lincke: Ouvertüre zu einer Festlichkeit
(555 448-2 track 9, 9:30-10:28) ℗ 2023 Classic Produktion Osnabrück :

This Volume 2, following hard on the first, includes music full of entertainment that is really worth hearing. Indeed, these overtures are full of striking melodies, rapturous harmonic beauty and often exuberantly dance-like gestures that are consistently vibrant. A veritable 'Berlinfest' in the mould of Johann Strauss's Vienna that should not be missed. Sound and presentation are state-of-the-art.

Copyright © 25 March 2023 Gerald Fenech,
Gzira, Malta



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