Adolphe Adam: La jolie fille de Gand (complete ballet)

Adolphe Adam: La jolie fille de Gand (complete ballet)

8.574342-43 (Naxos, CD, 2 discs)

REISSUE (28 January 2022)

Playing time: 66'10"/67'14" - TT 133'24"
Tracks: 15 + 22
Booklet pages: 8
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Main country of recording: Australia
Country of manufacture: Germany
Reviewer: Gerald Fenech
Review of Adolphe Adam: La jolie fille de Gand (complete ballet) published on 27 January 2022

Queensland Symphony Orchestra
Andrew Mogrelia, conductor

Adolphe Adam (1803-1856):

La jolie fille de Gand (The Pretty Girl of Ghent) (1842)


1 Introduction

Act I
Tableau I (Cesarius's Shop)
2 Scene 1
3 Scene 2
4 Scene 3
5 Scene 4
6 Scene 5

Tableau II (The Main Square in Ghent)
7 Loure
8 Marche
9 Après la Marche
10 Divertissement
11 No 2: Pas de trois
12 No 2: Pas de deux
13 No 3b: Pas de deux
14 No 4: Valse

Tableau III (Beatrix's Bedroom)
15 Andantino moderato


Act II
Tableau I (Boudoir in the Palace of the Marquis in Venice)
1 Scene 1
2 Scene 2
3 Scene 3
4 Scene 4
5 Scene 5

Tableau II (Ball Room in the Palace)
6 Pas comique
7 Cracovienne
8 Pas seul
9 Pas de Béatrix

Tableau III (Ball Room)
10 Galopp Final
11 Après le Galopp

Tableau I (The Park of the Marquis's Villa)
12 Allegro moderato marcato
13 Pas seul
14 Danse
15 Après la Danse
16 Allegro moderato

Tableau II (A Boudoir in the Palace)
17 Andantino moderato
18 Allegro mosso

Tableau III (The Square in a Village near Ghent)
19 No 1: Andantino non troppo
20 Allegro louré
21 No 2: Andante - Allegro
22 Après le Divertissement comique

First recording: 26 February and 1 March 1996 at Ferry Road Studio, Brisbane, Australia.

Previously released on Marco Polo 8.223772-73

After increasing successes with ballets, melodramas and theatrical works, Adolphe Adam won widespread acclaim with Giselle. A year later he wrote La jolie fille de Gand, which was received just as enthusiastically by audiences and critics alike. This delightful ballet-pantomime with trademark thematic brilliance is set in Ghent and Venice, its plot one of abduction and romance. Adam's score, which features the use of cornets, organ and the tuba-like ophicleide, displays a more daring sense of colour than Giselle.