Adolphe Adam: La filleule des fées

Adolphe Adam: La filleule des fées

8.574302 (Naxos, CD)

REISSUE (23 April 2021)
Tracks: 42
Booklet pages: 16
℗ 2002 Naxos Rights US Inc
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Main country of recording: Australia
Country of manufacture: Germany
Reviewer: Gerald Fenech
Review of Adolphe Adam: La filleule des fées published on 9 May 2021

Queensland Symphony Orchestra
Andrew Mogrelia, conductor

Adolphe Adam (1803-1856):

La filleule des fées (complete ballet)

Recorded 5-12 February 1996 at the ABC Studio, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

First recordings, previously released on Marco Polo 8.223734-35.



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