Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne: Phèdre

Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne: Phèdre

BZ 1040 (Palazzetto Bru Zane, CD, 2 discs)

NEW RELEASE (3 April 2020)

Playing time: 60'15"/76'15" - TT 136'30"
Tracks: 20 + 24
Booklet pages: 160
© 2020 Palazzetto Bru Zane / Centre de musique romantique française
Main country of recording: Hungary
Country of manufacture: Netherlands
Reviewer: Giuseppe Pennisi
Review of Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne: Phèdre published on 11 October 2020

Judith van Wanroij, Phèdre
Julien Behr, Hippolyte
Tassis Christoyannis, Thésée
Melody Louledjian, &Oelig;none
Jérôme Boutillier, Un Grand de l'État, Un Chasseur
Ludivine Gombert, La Grande Prêtresse de Vénus
Purcell Choir
Orfeo Orchestra
György Vashegyi, conductor

Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne (1751-1796):



Act I

Act II


Act II (continued)


Recorded 10 and 13 September 2019 at the Béla Bartók National Concert Hall, Müpa Budapest, Budapest, Hungary.



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