Charles Koechlin: Les Chants de Nectaire 2

Charles Koechlin: Les Chants de Nectaire 2

HS190205 (Hoxa Recordings, CD)

FIRST RELEASE (2 October 2020)

Playing time: 60'52"
Tracks: 32
Booklet pages: 8
© 2019 Hoxa
Main country of recording: United Kingdom
Country of manufacture: European Union
Reviewer: Geoff Pearce
Review of Charles Koechlin: Les Chants de Nectaire 2 published on 25 November 2020

Listen: Charles Koechlin: The Sacred Wood (Les Chants de Nectaire, Op 199) (track 4, 0:00-0:45)

Nicola Woodward, flute

Charles Koechlin:

Les Chants de Nectaire, Second Series (Op 199) - 32 Pieces. Dans la forêt antique
1 In the shade, on a cool spring morning
2 The light forest
3 Games in the clearing
4 The Sacred Wood
5 The fluttering of leaves
6 Drinking in the shade, in summer
7 Dance of the nymphs, in the sun
8 Naïades at play
9 Beautiful fresh mornings in the mountains
10 The goatherd
11 Dance of the Fauns
12 Softly slumbering under a tree
13 The sea with its innumerable sounds
14 Endymion the shepherd
15 Satyre
16 Shadows fall from lofty mountains
17 Caprice of the Faun
18 On the death of a cat
19 Purity of morning on the shore
20 The happy shepherd boy
21 Calm of evening
22 Cool morning breeze on the sea
23 Fortunate farmers
24 Light Evening
25 Gaiety of spring in the forest
26 Tityre, reclining beneath the beech tree
27 Dances in the forest
28 Repose without a care
29 Handsome flock, more handsome shepherd
30 The birds are drunk ...
31 Silenus
32 For the procession of Dionysos

Recorded at Clifton Cathedral, Bristol, UK