Charles Koechlin: Les Chants de Nectaire 1

Charles Koechlin: Les Chants de Nectaire 1

HS190206 (Hoxa Recordings, CD)

NEW RELEASE (28 August 2020)

Playing time: 71'24"
Tracks: 32
Booklet pages: 8
© 2020 Hoxa
Main country of recording: United Kingdom
Country of manufacture: European Union
Reviewer: Geoff Pearce
Review of Charles Koechlin: Les Chants de Nectaire 1 published on 25 November 2020

Listen: Charles Koechlin: Meditation on human sorrow (Les Chants de Nectaire Op 198) (track 32, 0:00-0:56)

Nicola Woodward, flute

Charles Koechlin:

Les Chants de Nectaire, First Series (Op 198) - 32 Pieces, d'après La Révolte des Anges
1 Preamble
2 Birth of life
3 Play of light
4 Clarity of Mind
5 Youth of the world
6 The tranquil clarity of Intelligence
7 ... riddled with arrows of Error and Stupidity
8 Victorious laughter
9 Gaiety of light
10 Vain quarrels - what's the point?
11 Tenderness
12 The lament of mankind
13 Night
14 Breaths of Spring on the sea
15 Light - moderation - equilibrium
16 Love
17 Pity
18 For suffering souls
19 The Garden of the Muses
20 The Tendrils of the Vine
21 Sweet times
22 Fear
23 Idyll
24 Moonlight on the sea
25 The Momentum of life
26 The Desire which creates Worlds
27 Human Effort
28 Meditation of the Defeated
29 Evening
30 Calm of the Sage
31 Gaiety of a sunny morning
32 Meditation on human sorrow

Recorded in Clifton Cathedral, Bristol, UK



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