A classical music word-puzzle,
to keep you entertained during lockdown,


Music students are not terribly interested in learning terminology from history - I had been one of them - so while I was a sessional instructor, I started making puzzles to encourage the students.

I put together a dictionary of sorts containing about 2,500 composers' names, titles of compositions and music terms from French, German, Latin, Spanish and Greek. Also included are words from the jazz, pop, theatre and art world.

At the moment I have more than three hundred 'Find a Word' puzzles: with patterns when complete, with patterns before solving, easy, medium or hard.

With these puzzles, words can be hidden vertically, horizontally, diagonally and in retrograde.

The solution is complex as many letters are used multiple times, so only marking a line 'stroke' through the word is necessary. Many of the commercial puzzles say to circle each word as you find it; on these hand drawn puzzles, however, it is necessary just to stroke.

Locrian word puzzle by Allan Rae

My 'Find a word' puzzle Locrian is shown above. How many words can you find? If the puzzle is not visible, or if you can't see the letters in the puzzle clearly, then please click here. All of the words below are hidden in the puzzle above. If you can't see the list of words clearly, please click here.

Locrian word puzzle by Allan Rae

Good luck! Please let me know how you get on, via the Classical Music Daily contact page, and whether you would like more!

Copyright © 10 May 2020 Allan Rae,
Calgary, Canada





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