Memory - Patrick Yim plays works for solo violin

Memory - Patrick Yim plays works for solo violin

NV6268 (Navona Records, CD)


Playing time: [55'52"]
Tracks: 16
Booklet pages: 6
© 2020 Navona Records LLC
Main country of recording: HK
Sent to a reviewer on 20 January 2020

Listen: Austin Yip: Sancai (Miles Upon Miles) (track 8, 3:03-3:58)

Patrick Yim, violin

Chen Yi:

1 Memory (2011)

Kai-Young Chan:

2 Away Alone Aloft (2018)

Yao Chen:

Miles upon Miles (2018)
3 Silk Road
4 Buddhist Mantra
5 Kung Fu

Austin Yip:

Miles upon Miles for solo violin and electronics (2018)
6 Gilt Bronze
7 Cameleer
8 Sancai

Michael-Thomas Foumai:

Relics (2018)
9 Beastly Treasures (Gold Mythical Beast)
10 Jeweled Loops (Necklaces)
11 Wooden Scrolls (Wooden-Slip Document Recording the Diplomatic Visit of a Sogdian Envoy)
12 Woolen Leaves (Woolen Saddle Pad with Leaf Motif)
13 Galloping Jade (Galloping Jade Stallion and Winged Rider)
14 Tomb Costume (Costume of an Aristocrat from a Tomb at Yingpan)
15 Jump Dancer (Gilt Bronze Leap Dancer)
16 Buddha Rock (Buddhist Stone Carving)

Recorded 28 February and 29 and 30 May 2019 at The Laboratory for Immersive Arts and Technology at Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong

First recordings of all works.