Mussorgsky: Boris Godunov - 1869 version

Mussorgsky: Boris Godunov - 1869 version

BIS-2320 (BIS Records, SACD, 2 discs)

Stereo / 5.0 Surround

Playing time: 62'24"/62'50" - TT 125'14"
Tracks: 17 + 17
Booklet pages: 100
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Main country of recording: SE
Country of manufacture: EU
Reviewer: Gerald Fenech
Review of Mussorgsky: Boris Godunov - 1869 version published on 6 January 2020

Alexander Tsymbalyuk, bass - Boris Godunov
Maxim Paster, tenor - Prince Vasily Ivanovich Shuisky
Mika Kares, bass - Pimen, a monk and chronicler
Sergei Skorokhodov, tenor - Grigory, a novice (later 'The False Dmitri']
Oleg Budaratskiy, bass - Police officer/Border guard
Anton Ljungqvist, bass-baritone - Mityukha, a peasant
Vasily Ladyuk, baritone - Andrei Shchelkalov, secretary of the Boyars' council
Okka von der Damerau, mezzo-soprano - Innkeeper
Alexey Tikhomirov, bass - Varlaam, a vagabond monk
Boris Stepanov, tenor - Missail, a vagabond monk/ A Boyar/ Holy Fool
Hanna Husáhr, soprano - Xenia, daughter of Boris
Johanna Rudström, mezzo-soprano - Fyodor, son of Boris
Margarita Nekrasova, mezzo-soprano - Nurse
Göteborg Opera Chorus - populace, boyars, pilgrims
Tecwyn Evans, chorus master
Children's Choir: Brunnsbo Music Classes
Kikki Rosén Bejstam, chorus master
Patrik Wirefeldt, chorus master
Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra
Sara Trobäck, leader
Kent Nagano, conductor

Modest Mussorgsky (1839-1881):

Boris Godunov - opera in seven scenes, with a libretto by the composer, based on the drama by Alexander Pushkin

(Original 1869 score, as published by Verlagsgruppe Hermann.)


Scene 1: Boris is called to the throne
1 What's up with you?
2 For whom do you desert us?
3 True-believers! The boyar is steadfast
4 Glory to thee, Almighty Creator

Scene 2: The Coronation Scene
5 Long live Tsar Boris Feodorovich!
6 My soul is grieving
7 Glory! Glory! Glory!

Scene 3: In Pimen's Cell
8 One more, one final tale
9 That dream once more!
10 You have been awake and writing all night
11 Good father, I have often wanted
12 It's ringing for matins

Scene 4: At the Inn
13 What can I offer you, reverend fathers?
14 Once upon a time in the city of Kazan
15 Why aren't you singing?
16 He rides on ...
17 I can read


Scene 5: Kremlin Scene
1 My beloved bridegroom
2 Enough, my Tsarevna
3 I've achieved the highest power
4 What do you want?
5 But no! Wait, wait a moment
6 Death does not frighten me

Scene 6: In front of the Cathedral of St Basil the Blessed
7 Is the mass over?
8 Trrrr ... Tin hat
9 Why is he crying?

Scene 7: The Death of Boris
10 Noble Boyars!
11 Well then, let us now vote
12 A pity that Prince Shuisky is not here
13 Begone! Begone!
14 A humble monk
15 Once, deep in sleep
16 Leave us ... go away, everyone!
17 O Lord! Lord! Look down

Recorded at public performances and additional sessions, 2-11 March 2017 at Gothenburg Concert Hall, Sweden