Evolutionary Spirits - The Crossing

Evolutionary Spirits - The Crossing

NV6218 (Navona Records, CD)


Playing time: [56'56"]
Tracks: 12
Booklet pages: 8
© 2019 Navona Records LLC
Main country of recording: US
Reviewer: Ona Jarmalavičiūtė
Review of Evolutionary Spirits - The Crossing published on 8 July 2019

Rebecca Myers, solo (track 1)
Maren Montalbano, solo (track 1)
Jessica Beebe, solo (track 1)
Elisa Sutherland, solo (tracks 5-7)
Shari Wilson, solo (tracks 5-7)
Kevin Krasinski, solo (tracks 5-7)
Steven Bradshaw, solo (tracks 5-7)
The Crossing
John Grecia, keyboards
Donald Nally, conductor

Edie Hill:

1 Poem for 2084

Gregory W Brown:

2 Entrai, pastores, entrai

James Shrader:

3 Angels Sang With Mirth and Glee

Bruce Babcock:

4 Be Still

Gregory W Brown:

Vidi Aquam
5 To Stir Up Our Wits
6 Observing Nature
7 Asking of Nature

Jonathan Sheffer:

8 y'did nefesh

Christopher J Hoh:

9 To Elliott

10 My Mistress' Eyes

Edie Hill:

11 Marvellous Error!

Gregory W Brown:

12 Five Women Bathing in Moonlight

Recorded 7 July 2018 (track 1), 18 July 2014 (tracks 2, 5-7 and 12) and 8-10 July 2018 (tracks 3-4 and 8-11), all at The High Point, St Peter's Church in the Great Valley, Malvern, PA, USA



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