Francesco Veracini

Eccentric Italian composer and violinist Francesco Maria Veracini was born in Florence on 1 February 1690. His grandfather had been one of the first violinists in Florence, and members of the family were also painters.

He worked in London and in Dresden, where he wrote chamber music for the court.

There are conflicting versions of an incident on 13 August 1722, in Dresden, where Veracini jumped (or was pushed) from an upper storey window onto the street below, likely after a quarrel with other musicians, and walked with a limp for the rest of his life.

He wrote sonatas, orchestral suites (called overtures), operas and oratorios. He also wrote the treatise Il trionfo della pratica musicale and edited other composers' music, sometimes adding his own 'improvements'.

Veracini died in Florence on 31 October 1768, aged seventy-eight.


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