Ronald Settle

British composer, pianist, teacher, writer and examiner Ronald Coulter Settle, born in Merseyside on 21 June 1909, was active in the middle of the twentieth century in Liverpool UK. Settle's book Music in the theatre was published in 1957 by Herbert Jenkins in London. He was musical director at the Liverpool Playhouse for twenty-six years before being dismissed in 1971, and his own I Remember, I Remember was staged there in 1960. In 1991 he returned to the Playhouse to perform in a concert to help prevent the theatre from closing.

He wrote the song Shadows for Joan Hammond (performed by Cheryl Barker on Melba Recordings' CD Pure Diva released in 2011). The British composer Ian Venables studied piano with Settle at the Bluecoat Chambers in Liverpool between 1971 and 1977.

Ronald Settle died on 11 July 1998, aged eighty-nine.

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