Regina Resnick

The much-honoured American mezzo Regina Resnick was born in New York on 30 August 1922. She studied music at Hunter College, and began her career just a few months after graduating, singing Lady Macbeth for Fritz Busch and the New Opera Company in 1942. She won an audition with Metropolitan Opera Auditions of the Air and was awarded a contract for the 1944-5 season.  She was invited to Bayreuth in 1953 and began a long career singing at Covent Garden in London in 1957, but New York Metropolitan Opera remained her base.

In addiion to singing internationally at locations including Berlin, Brussels, Buenos Aires, Lisbon, Madrid, Marseilles, Milan, Munich, Naples, Paris and Salzburg, there was a parallel teaching career, and in 1971 she also took to opera directing.

Regina Resnick died on 8 August 2013, aged ninety.