Lohengrin, a Romantic German-language opera in three acts, based on a mediaeval German romance, has both music and libretto by Richard Wagner (written between 1846 and 1848). It was first performed at the Deutsches Nationaltheater in Weimar on 28 August 1850, immediately becoming popular, and its first performance outside of the German-speaking world was in Riga on 5 February 1855. Typical performances of Lohengrin run for three-and-a-half hours or so.

Set in Antwerp in the tenth century, the opera tells the story of the Swan Knight, a mysterious rescuer who appears in a boat pulled by a swan, to defend Elsa, a damsel in distress, who is praying for help. Lohengrin offers this help with three conditions - that Elsa must never ask his name, his rank or from where he has come.

Elsa agrees to the conditions, and to Lohengrin becoming her champion and husband. Her quarrel is with Count Friedrich von Telramund, who has accused Elsa of murdering her young brother, Duke Gottfried of Brabant, in order to become Duchess of Brabant. Lohengrin defeats Telramund in combat, but spares his life.

Telramund and his wife Ortrud, a pagan witch, are banished from court. Ortrud tries to make Elsa violate Lohengrin's two conditions of offering help, by telling Elsa that, because her rescuer is unknown, he could leave at any time, as suddenly as he arrived. On Elsa and Lohengrin's wedding day, Telramund accuses Lohengrin of sorcery.

Ortrud's conversation with Elsa has made an impression, though, and on their wedding night, in the bridal chamber, Elsa asks Lohengrin the two fatal questions. At this moment, Telramund appears in the room and attacks Lohengrin, but Lohengrin kills him.

Sadly, Lohengrin asks Elsa to go with him to the king, where Lohengrin reveals his name, and that he is the son of King Parsifal, and an Arthurian Knight of the Holy Grail, who must either remain anonymous or return home. He says farewell to Elsa, and his swan and boat reappear. As he gets into the boat, Ortrud appears and announces that the swan is actually Elsa's brother, Gottfried, whom Ortrud had turned into a swan.

Lohengrin prays, Ortrud's magic is broken, and the swan turns back into Gottfried. A dove takes the swan's place, and Lohengrin departs on the boat, leaving Elsa, stricken with grief.

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