Music & Vision Magazine

'... we have faith in this unique venture as people everywhere, and from every strata of society, come within the power and influence of good music.' - Basil Ramsey, writing in 1998

After three months of planning, design and software development at the end of 1998, Music & Vision tentatively launched its daily online classical music magazine service at on 1 January 1999 - a joint venture between music publisher and magazine editor Basil Ramsey and internet consultant Keith Bramich. It was one of the first websites about classical music and was/is the world's first daily classical music magazine.

The first months proved quite difficult, as the magazine, initially billed as a 'classical music magazine in daily parts', struggled to find its way in a world in which the classical music business hadn't yet come to terms with the internet or its possibilities. Readership grew slowly and new writers appeared only occasionally.

From 2010 until 2018 inclusive, Music & Vision was published behind a paywall - readers still need to pay an annual subscription to read the full versions of non-sponsored articles published during this period.

In January 2019, to celebrate twenty years of publication, the online magazine was re-opened to non-paying readers, re-branded as Classical Music Daily and given a new design, although many features from the old M&V (including daily publication) have been kept. The magazine continues to hold its own amongst a large number of high quality online publications, and receives a steady stream of material for publication from writers in many different countries.


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