Johann Ludwig Krebs

German composer and organist Johann Ludwig Krebs was born on 10 February 1713 near Weimar, the son of another composer and organist, Johann Tobias Krebs. The younger Krebs became one of J S Bach's best pupils at the Leipzig Thomasschule, his teacher punning that Krebs was the 'best crayfish in the brook' ('Krebs' being German for crayfish and 'bach' meaning 'brook'), and then attended university in the same city.

He spent his professional life as organist at the Marienkirche in Zwickau (from 1737), the Zeitz court (from 1744) and the Altenburg court (from 1755). Some of the music is in a style similar to that of his illustrious teacher - Krebs often used Bach's works as models - whilst some is in the more forward-looking and easy-going 'galant' style. A few compositions (suites and sonatas) were published during his lifetime, but most remained in manuscript. Evidence from the lute concertos points to their composer probably being a good lutenist. Krebs died in Altenburg on New Year's Day 1780.


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