Franz Anton Dimler

German composer and instrumental player Franz Anton Dimler was born in Mannheim on 14 October 1753. He probably studied horn with Wojciech ┼╗ywny, and was a composition student of Georg Joseph Vogler.

From 1767 he was a French horn player for Carl Theodore in the Mannheim court orchestra, and from 1778 he moved with the court to Munich, switching to double bass shortly afterwards, for some reason.

He wrote symphonies, concertos, quartets, trios, many ballet pieces, a few vocal works and the operettas Der Guckkasten (1797), Die Schatzgräber (1798) and Die Zobeljäger (1811), and despite the high quality of his work, most of his output has been completely forgotten.

Dimler died in Munich on 7 February 1827, aged seventy-three.


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