La Cremona

La Cremona

HC22084 (Hänssler Classic, CD)

FIRST RELEASE (7 July 2023)

Playing time: 68'26"
Tracks: 18
Booklet pages: 24
℗ 2023 Hänssler Classic / Profil Medien GmbH
© 2023 Hänssler Classic / Profil Medien GmbH
Main country of recording: Germany
Country of manufacture: Austria
Reviewer: Gerald Fenech
Review of La Cremona published on 2 September 2023

Berliner Barock Solisten
Reinhard Goebel

Concertos for 3 and 4 Violins by Francesco Durante, Leonardo Leo, Antonio Vivaldi, Pietro Locatelli and Giovanni Battista Sammartini

Francesco Durante (1684-1755):

Concerto g-moll für Streicher & Basso Continuo
1 Affetuoso - Presto
2 Largo affetuoso
3 Allegro affetuoso

Leonardo Leo (1694-1744):

Concerto D-Dur für vier Violinen & Basso Continuo
4 Maestoso
5 Fuga
6 Moderato
7 Allegro

Antonio Vivaldi (1678-1741):

Concerto F-Dur RV 551 für drei Violinen, Streicher & Basso Continuo
8 Allegro
9 Andante
10 Allegro

Concerto B-Dur RV 553 für vier Violinen, Viola & Basso Continuo
11 Allegro
12 Largo
13 Allegro

Pietro Locatelli (1695-1764):

Concerto F-Dur Op 4, Nr 12 für vier Violinen, Streicher & Basso Continuo
14 Allegro
15 Largo
16 Allegro

Giovanni Battista Sammartini (1700-1765):

Concerto A-Dur für vier Violinen, Streicher & Basso Continuo
17 (Moderato)
18 Rondo: Spirituose

The Italians are uninhibited composers, brilliant, vivacious, expressive, profound, noble in thought, slightly eccentric, free, dashing, brazen, overblown, at times negligent in tempo; but they are also lyrical, cajoling, tender, touching and inventive. They write more for connoisseurs than for music lovers.' (Johann Georg Pisendel) The violin - that most versatile instrument which right up until the 1950s reigned supreme over European music, most notably in orchestras - was developed between 1500 and 1550 in workshops of luthiers around the three north Italian towns of Mantua, Brescia and Cremona. It was the outcome of solid craftsmanship and astute understanding of the physical possibilities.

Recorded 13-17 October 2022 at b-sharp Studio im 'Tanzsaal an der Panke', Berlin-Pankow, Germany.