Tudor Music Afterlives

Tudor Music Afterlives

DCD34295 (Delphian Records, CD)

FIRST RELEASE (28 October 2022)

Playing time: 69'27"
Tracks: 20
Booklet pages: 24
℗ 2022 Delphian Records Ltd
© 2022 Delphian Records Ltd
Main country of recording: United Kingdom
Country of manufacture: European Union
Sent to a reviewer on 12 October 2022

Ensemble Pro Victoria
Toby Carr, lute
Magnus Williamson, organ
Toby Ward, conductor

Thomas Tallis (c1505-1585):

1 I call and cry to thee, O Lord

Nicholas Ludford (c1485-c1557):

2 Missa Feria iv - Kyrie (first recording)

John Taverner (c1490-1545):

3 Quemadmodum desiderat cervus

Nicholas Ludford:

4 Missa Feria vi - Kyrie (first recording)

John Taverner:

5 Alleluia. Veni electa mea

John Sheppard (c1515-1558):

6 O Lord, with all my heart and mind (Psalm 9) (first recording)

Jacob Clemens non Papa (c1510-1555/6):

7 Job tonso capite

John Sheppard:

8 I trust in God (Psalm 11) (first recording)

Jacotin le Bel (died 1529) or Claudin de Sermisy (c1490-1562):

9 Aupres de vous

John Sheppard:

10 Help, Lord, for good and godly men (Psalm 12) (first recording)

Philip van Wilder (c1500-1553):

11 Si de beaucoup je suis aymée (first recording in this choral version)

John Sheppard:

12 All laud and praise (Psalm 30) (first recording)

Orlande de Lassus (1532-1594):

13 Decantabat populus (first recording in this choral version)

John Sheppard:

14 Attend, my people (Psalm 78) (first recording)

15 Illustrissima omnium (first recording)

Nicholas Ludford:

16 Missa Feria v - Alleluia. Veni electa mea (first recording)

John Sheppard:

17 Igitur O Jesu(first recording)

18 Singularis privilegii (first recording)

John Taverner and Christopher Tye (c1505-1572/3):

19 O splendor gloriae

Robert Parsons (c1535-1572):

20 When I look back (first recording)

Following the freshness and vigour of their quincentenary portrait celebration of Robert Fayrfax, Ensemble Pro Victoria's second Delphian album brings a similar boldness of approach to a wider-ranging collection, charting some rarely explored territory from a time of great religious, societal and musical change. Broken fragments of huge pre-Reformation works, preserved only in lute tablature; the first reconstruction and recording of some of the earliest Anglican psalm settings ever written; French chansons and motets once popular in England; improvisatory organ verses within Lady Mass movements by Ludford; and an English-texted version of a much-loved Tallis anthem that shows it in a quite different light: these forgotten 'afterlives' of earlier Tudor music help build a much more complete picture of music in sixteenth-century England.

Recorded 28 February-2 March 2022 at All Hallows', Gospel Oak, London UK and 21 April 2022 at St James' and St Basil's Church, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK.