Telemann: Französischer Jahrgang 1714/1715 - Complete Cantatas 1

Telemann: Französischer Jahrgang 1714/1715 - Complete Cantatas 1

555 436–2 (cpo, CD, 2 discs)

FIRST RELEASE (4 February 2022)

Playing time: 133'43"
Tracks: 33 + 31
Booklet pages: 56
℗ 2021 Classic Produktion Osnabrück
© 2021 Classic Produktion Osnabrück
Main country of recording: Germany
Country of manufacture: Germany
Reviewer: Gerald Fenech
Review of Telemann: Französischer Jahrgang 1714/1715 - Complete Cantatas 1 published on 3 August 2022

Elisabeth Scholl, soprano (CD1)
Rebekka Stolz, alto (CD1)
Fabian Kelly, tenor (CD1)
Julian Dominique Clement, bass (CD1)
Julie Grutzka, soprano (CD2)
Larissa Botos, alto (CD2)
Fabian Kelly, tenor (CD2)
Hans Christoph Begemann, bass (CD2)
Gutenberg Soloists
Neumeyer Consort
Felix Koch, conductor

Georg Philipp Telemann (1681-1767):

Kantaten – Französischer Jahrgang Vol 1


1-7 Jesu meine Freude, TVWV 1:966, zum 20 Sonntag nach Trinitatis

8-13 Ich werfe mich zu deinen Füßen, TVWV 1:882, zum 19 Sonntag nach Trinitatis

14-18 Valet will ich dir geben, TVWV 1:1458, zum 17 Sonntag nach Trinitatis

19-26 Der Herr verstößet nicht ewiglich, TVWV 1:288, zum 21 Sonntag nach Trinitatis

27-33 Ach, sollte doch die ganze Welt, TVWV 1:32, zum 18 Sonntag nach Trinitatis


1-9 Christus hat einmal für die Sünde gelitten, TVWV 1:140, zum Sonntag Estomihi

10-15 Muß nicht der Mensch immer in Streit sein, TVWV 1:1146, zum Sonntag Invocavit

16-21 Herr, wie lange wilt du mein so gar vergessen, TVWV 1:777, zum Sonntag Reminiscere

22-26 Gott schweige doch nicht also, TVWV 1:678 zum Sonntag Judica

27-31 Wer ist der, so von Edom kömmt, TVWV 1:1585, zum Sonntag Palmarum

Recorded 7-10 December 2020 (CD1) and 13-16 April 2021 (CD2) at SWR Studio Kaiserslautern, Kaiserslautern, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany.

Another large-scale, incredibly exciting project is dedicated to the world's very first complete recording of an entire annual cycle with seventy-two church cantatas by Georg Philipp Telemann for large ensembles (Frankfurt, 1714/15). This project directed by Felix Koch is particularly committed to including young female and male soloists chosen by the Telemann Project for performances together with proven specialists in the field of Baroque song. All the singers perform in the 'Gutenberg Soloists' vocal ensemble consisting of twelve members - in accordance with the Baroque practice in which the solo parts are assumed by members of the choral ensemble. Things get underway with the two CDs of Vol 1, which present cantatas from the late summer of 1715 and five additional cantatas for the Lenten season from the cycle known as the 'French Annual Cycle'. A significant reference is found on the original Frankfurt organ part of Telemann's cantata Gott schweige doch nicht also from this year: 'Judica, from the French Annual Cycle'. What this means is that the cantata concerned was intended for the Fifth Sunday in Lent; that is, it belonged precisely to the annual cycle of church cantatas that even contemporaries called 'French' because of its style. This is music worth discovering - and not only by and for Telemann fans!