Price: Symphony No 3 in C minor

Price: Symphony No 3 in C minor

8.559897 (Naxos, CD)

FIRST RELEASE (26 November 2021)

Playing time: 66'48"
Tracks: 11
Booklet pages: 6
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© 2021 Naxos Rights (Europe) Ltd
Main country of recording: Austria
Country of manufacture: United States of America
Reviewer: Gerald Fenech
Review of Price: Symphony No 3 in C minor published on 18 November 2021

ORF Vienna Radio Symphony Orchestra
John Jeter, conductor

Florence Beatrice Price (1887-1953):

Symphony No 3 in C minor (1940)
1 Andante – Allegro
2 Andante ma non troppo
3 Juba
4 Scherzo. Finale

The Mississippi River (1934)
5 Andante (bars 1–239) –
6 Andante con moto – Allegretto (bars 240–337) –
7 Allegro – Andante – Adagio – Allegretto (bars 338–475) –
8 Andante – Allegretto – Allegro (bars 476–682)

Ethiopia's Shadow in America (1932) (first recording)
9 The Arrival of the negro in America when first
brought here as a slave: introduction and Allegretto
10 His resignation and Faith: Andante
11 His Adaptation, A fusion of his native and acquired impulses: Allegro

Florence Price was one of the most versatile and accomplished American musicians of her generation whose unstoppable creativity and earliest successes were set against the back- drop of 1930s economic depression. The Third Symphony expresses aspects of Price’s cultural heritage in a symphonic framework. Avoiding direct references to existing folk songs and dances, it creates highly distinctive African spiritual moods and uses the syncopated rhythms of the Juba in its jazzy third movement. This world premiere recording of Ethiopia's Shadow in America traces the American experience of enslaved Africans, while The Mississippi River suite quotes several famous spirituals, capturing the struggles of Black migration across the United states.

Recorded 12 March 2020 (tracks 1-4), 28 April 2021 (tracks 5-8) and 29 April 2021 (tracks 9-11) at Studio 6, ORF Funkhaus, Vienna, Austria