Mozart in Motion - His Work and His World in Pieces

Mozart in Motion - His Work and His World in Pieces

Patrick Mackie

ISBN: 978 1 78378 599 5 (Granta Publications, Book)


Number of pages: vi+362 pages
© 2021 Patrick Mackie
Country of manufacture: United Kingdom
Sent to a reviewer on 16 August 2021



1 In Motion
2 A Beautiful Revenge
3 Leopold Mozart's Grandly Talented Son
4 Victoire Jenamy
5 The Lowly Viola
6 Musical Homelessness
7 Being Praised


8 A Time When Europe Was a Beautiful Question
9 A Swinging Woman
10 The Enlightened Labyrinth
11 Eternal Questions
12 Blowing and Scraping and Hitting Are Fairly Simple Actions
13 Using Jokes
14 The Wandering Piano
15 Artistic Cunning
16 A Happy Change in the Nature of Lament


17 Creating Freedom
18 Convulsive Beauty
19 Despair
20 Symphonic Largesse
21 Gamblers
22 Reconciliations
23 Couples
24 Unsure Fun
25 Indestructability


Mozart is one of the most familiar and beloved cultural icons, but this ubiquity can keep his music from being heard in all its audacious vividness.

Patrick Mackie returns to the vital experience of listening to Mozart's music. By uncovering new perspectives on the priorities and emphases of the music, he explores how Mozart was composing at precisely the moment when the modern world was forming, and how this speaks clearly to our time.

Mozart in Motion is a fresh and revitalising exploration of Mozart’s life and work through the prism of the turbulent time in which he lived, and gives us a new understanding of why his pieces still move us so intensely.