Gavrilin: The Russian Notebook; Anyuta

Gavrilin: The Russian Notebook; Anyuta

8.573883 (Naxos, CD)

NEW RELEASE (24 April 2020)

Playing time: 69'58"
Tracks: 18
Booklet pages: 12
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Main country of recording: RU
Country of manufacture: DE
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Listen: Gavrilin: Laments (The Russian Notebook) (track 7, 1:28-2:18)

Mila Shkirtil, mezzo-soprano (tracks 1-8)
St Petersburg Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra
Yuri Serov, conductor

Valery Gavrilin (1939-1999):

Russkaya tetrad ('The Russian Notebook') (1965) (version for orchestra, 2018, by Leonid Rezetdinov, born 1961)
1 Cranberry O'er the River
2 Lament
3 Lament
4 Winter
5 Sowing Flowers
6 It all started
7 Laments
8 In the loveliest month o'May

Anyuta (excerpts) (1982)
Act I
9 Grand Waltz
10 Department
11 Organ-grinder
12 Adagio
13 In the Bedroom
Act II
14 Quadrille
15 Gypsies Dance
16 His Excellency
17 Tarantella
18 Postlude

Recorded 5-7 September 2018 at St Petersburg Radio Studio, Russia



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