Richard Danielpour: Talking to Aphrodite

Richard Danielpour: Talking to Aphrodite

8.559857 (Naxos, CD)


Playing time: 78'23"
Tracks: 10
Booklet pages: 8
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Main country of recording: RU
Country of manufacture: DE
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Sarah Shafer, soprano (tracks 1-6)
Maxim Semyonov, french horn (tracks 1-6)
Evgeny Pravilov, violin (track 10)
Russian String Orchestra
Misha Rachlevsky, conductor

Richard Danielpour (born 1956):

Talking to Aphrodite
for soprano, solo horn and chamber orchestra (2016)
Text: Erica Jong, born 1942
1 Adagio - Animando
2 Molto moderato
3 Agitated, presto (ben misurato)
4 Solemn, with simple flowing motion
5 Playfully (in the manner of a tango)
6 Graceful, simply flowing

Symphony for Strings '... For Love is Strong as Death ...'
(Transcription of String Quartet No 6, 'Addio', 2014)
7 Moderato e triste - Agitato
8 Presto giocoso
9 Cantabile e sostenuto - Agitato

10 Kaddish - version for violin and strings (2011)

Recorded 17-24 April 2017 at the Choral Arts Academy 'V S Popov', Moscow, Russia