Chopin - Ali Hirèche

Chopin - Ali Hirèche

BR291204 (Bion Musique, CD)


Playing time: 62'16"
Tracks: 24
Booklet pages: 12
© 2017 Bion Musique
Main country of recording: FR
Reviewer: Patrick Maxwell
Review of Chopin - Ali Hirèche published on 6 November 2019

Ali Hirèche, piano (Steinway D)
Gérard Fauvin, piano technician

Fryderyck Chopin:

Études Op 10
1 Allegro in C
2 Allegro in A minor
3 Lento in E
4 Presto in C sharp minor
5 Vivace in G flat
6 Andante in E flat minor
7 Vivace in C
8 Allegro in F
9 Allegro agitato in F minor
10 Vivace assai in A flat
11 Allegretto in E flat
12 Allegro con fuoco in C minor

Études Op 25
13 Allegro sostenuto in A flat
14 Presto in F minor
15 Allegro in F
16 Agitato in A minor
17 Vivace in E minor
18 Allegro in G sharp minor
19 Lento in C sharp minor
20 Vivace in D flat
21 Allegro assai in G flat
22 Allegro con fuoco in B minor
23 Lento - Allegro con brio in A minor
24 Allegro molto con fuoco in C minor

Recorded 25 and 26 April 2016 at Logis de Villars, Saint-Saturnin, France